Sweatpants are the new fashion trends

Sweatpants for a long time have only been associated with comfort clothing and helpful attire to keep the body free and relaxed during gym and other strenuous physical activities. They were designated for casual days or at-home leisure and lazy wearing. But gone are those days now, and sweatpants have become the latest fashion trends.

The fashion trend of sweatpants

Long has been the debate whether joggers should be accepted as formal and semi-formal wear, with many people speaking and working towards the idea and any dissing the idea altogether. Over the past decade, many stylish designers have completely changed the image of sweatpants, changing the traditional gym wear into somewhat luxurious, cool and funky wear for classes and masses altogether. The name has also been very conveniently modified to joggers or even lounge pants for stylish liberals with many famous fashions and popular personalities adorning them in public or even while performing or attending shows making them equally apt for formal and semi-formal settings. A new term ‘athleisure’ has also been coined to name the movement which serves it perfectly.

The features of this new trend

With more time joggers are said to become the new jeans of this era. They have taken the place of the saggy and loose sweatpants and have become more stylishly fit accentuating the physical structure of the wearer as well as adding an extra style and cool quotient. Slim fit sweatpants have been in the market for quite some time now but have only picked up in the last years or so.

The new trend sweatpants come in beautiful fits, colourful custom prints and designs rather than plain, bland colours of grey and blue and black. They are equally comfortable if not more. They can be teamed up with any attire ranging from t-shirts to pullovers to shirts and vests. They allow easy movement, allows to be active and at the same time maintains the factor that it’s up to date with latest fashion changes. With the human society becoming more fast-paced and active, easy on-the-go attire is gaining the prerogative over conventional wears. And another aspect affecting the boom in sweatpants is the culture of work from home and having all amenities at the touch of a finger.

So it is evident that Sweatpants are in trend and are here to stay and properly tailored cut joggers are what people need and aspire to have now becoming style icon themselves. So all the design marvel and developments have made sweatpants are the new fashion front of everyone alike, and Bewakoof caters to that brilliantly, offering designer sweatpants at affordable prices.