Four Apps that Every Busy Parent Should Download This Spring If they Already Haven’t

With the advancements of technology everyday, smart phone and tablet applications are one of modern times most amazing graces for everyone from students to doctors; but in the middle are the loved moms with young children. I still feel like it was just yesterday that my little one and I were competing on my iPhone to see who could ninja slice more fake cell phone fruit with our fingers while his sister and mom shopped away for hours… and he never complained about waiting a single time! It was a moment when I thought, “Wow, what other apps are soon to be developed that will make my life easier?” Many years have since passed and all my children have well surpassed myself and my wife technologically, but we still use our apps for our own benefits. Here are our favorites!


MyFitnessPal is an all in one fitness app. If you are a busy parent and still want to be health conscious, MyFitnessPal is for you. It has dietary counters, exercise diaries, diet recommendations, etc. It is the complete package. Even just to track normal, daily activities like checking the mail or walking to the bus stop to meet the kids. Everything you do can be easily monitored and recorded to help keep you on track and in shape!


Honestly, if you have never heard of Uber by now, you must have been living under a rock or somewhere really strange where yellow taxis still rule the roads. Even as a full grown adults, with cars and driver’s licenses, both my wife and I still use Uber a lot simply because we just can’t be bothered to sit behind the wheel ourselves or we have work to do. Sometimes, I’ll even use Uber to run my regular errands so I can move more freely, use my cellphone, take notes, etc. Uber is really everybody’s personal driver!

Shari’s Berries

Now this is one that I was keeping secret from most everybody for a long time, but I feel it would be selfish to not share this little gem with the masses. If you aren’t familiar with Shari’s Berries, it is an online company where you can mail order gourmet chocolate dipped berries to be direct delivered to your front door… it’s amazing. Well, like so many other amazing companies, Shari’s also has a mobile app. I will let you explore it for yourself, but with a little searching *online* you can find some added bonuses!!